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Navigating through various coverage types, from life insurance to medical insurance and health insurance, can be complex. But insurance matters don’t need to be rocket science. It is crucial that you fully understand what your policy entails, so you get the best out of the coverage you paid for.

Our FAQ page is designed to help you answer some of your most pressing questions when working with us for the very first time. From eligibility concerns on your Medicare to possible penalties on a missed medical insurance payment, we aim to provide clear and simple answers to your most important queries.

We serve individuals and employers in Santa Barbara, Ventura, and beyond.

To get to know more about our services, please check our Frequently Asked Questions below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will your services cost me anything?
Insurance premiums are fixed by area and age and include our compensation at no extra cost to you.
When can I enroll?
Company plans can be written or changed at any time during the year. No need to wait for an open enrollment. Individuals can enroll during the end of the year open enrollment (usually mid-November to mid-February) for the next plan year or at any time during the year with a qualifying event. Contact us to see if your situation qualifies you to enroll off the open enrollment period. We recommend most Medicare clients come see us 2-3 months before their eligibility to transfer to Medicare or anytime they need help.
How do I know if I’m eligible for a subsidy?

We can calculate subsidy eligibility based on your family size and income. An individual making above $17,775 could possibly qualify for a subsidy.  Call for a free quote.

Why should I buy health insurance?
Medical bills are one of the top reasons for bankruptcies in the US today. One night in the hospital can cost you more than $30,000. An unexpected appendicitis can be at least $100,000. Bottom line is that health care is expensive. Having health insurance, even one with a high deductible, discounts your cost of care 20-60% off cash rates and caps your losses at $6,000- $7,000 each year. Unlike most other commodities you buy, you hope to no use this one, but if that time comes you will be thankful you thought ahead and protected yourself from financial disaster..
What is Special Enrollment?
If you recently lost coverage, got married, had a baby or moved we can help get you coverage! We need to apply within 60 days of the event. There are a handful of other reasons that may qualify you to begin coverage, so contact us today!